株式会社GENOVA 代表取締役社長 平瀬 智樹
株式会社GENOVA 代表取締役社長 平瀬 智樹

Creating a healthy society by connecting people and medical care

Genova, Inc. Founder and CEO

Tomoki Hirase

State of Emergency has been issued on April 7th, 2020. The 16th fiscal year has started at the same time. The word "COVID-19" appears on all aspects from politics to economy, society, education and life, and the heart and behavior of people are still cured for the fear of infection. Vaccines has been developed, however, it is still difficult to to draw a trajectory to the end of the this circumstance.

We have been proceeding the business activities of 16th fiscal year in a serious and careful manner and in the end of this fiscal year, sales are expected to achieve the largest achievements since the foundation.

We would like to thank to all the customers and stakeholders who gave the warm guidance and support, even in the difficult environment, In addition, We are very proud of our emploees who has been working hard but sincerely.

On April 1st, 2021, we will start the 17th fiscal year.

Our company is working on the mission to "creates healthy society by connecting people and medical care". This aim to connect various kind of healthcare workers and patients (users) and making their relation closer and smoother.

It has been strongly demanded to create service oriented medical business that responds to needs and demands of medical care and patients. In particular, the spread of coronavirus has encouraged to add this as an urgent task. Based on this recognition, we have set up a business segment rebuilding in the first policy.

Three business segments were decided to integrate one "D to P Medical Platform Business".

This is to make the business segment as a seam restaurant. Accelerate the creation of services from the viewpoint of including the medical industry and users. Set the focus indicator. Management is more robust. We aim to further improve profitability and corporate value by steadily performing these things.The second is that it is a hiring and development of human resources that become the foundation which affects the results of the strategy.

In order to meet medical and person's request and demand, is essential to have the underlying knowledge, wisdom, insight and ability to take action. In addition, it must be conscious that the time and amount invested in human resource development will be taken as an indicator of corporate competitiveness. We will show and run the challenging and systematic plan which will be required.

The third is to enhance communication with our customers and actively helping customers to communicate with their customers.

Our business can continue for the only with the assistance and guidance from the people in medical industry and related people. We realize it more than ever under the COVID-19 situation.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance.