Genova, Inc. Founder and CEO Tomoki Hirase

Creating a healthy society by connecting people and medical care

GENOVA, Inc. Founder and CEO

Tomoki Hirase

2023 New Years Greeting
Genova’s New Founding Year

Genova has successfully been able to newly list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Dec 23rd 2022. This is an accomplishment and the core goal we had set for the 18 years since our founding and the founding members as well as the management team is very pleased and relieved.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all involved for your help, support and guidance throughout the years. All our directors and employees are determined to work together to realize our mission and responsibilities as a public company, earn the trust of all our stakeholders and become a company that is widely recognized as a public entity that brings benefits to society.

2023 is our first year of listing and we recognize this to be our “new founding” year. Together with our stakeholders, our new journey has set sail.

With our mission of “Creating a healthy society by connecting people and medical care” as the cornerstone of our management, we will continue to aim to maintain and improve our services and activities.

New ICT, DX and AI innovations are publicly released on a daily basis. The center of our activities is to create innovative services and products by combining and utilizing these new innovations for the better of the society.

Our employees are the facilitators. Nothing can be accomplished without the growth of our employees. Hence, we have made a bold decision to invest time and cost, allowing opportunities to arrive for the growth and sophistication of our human capitals.

In conjunction with rise in consumer prices, attention focuses on the theory of distribution. We will consider all options and find the best solution in a timely and appropriate manner while verifying our overall business performances and accomplishments.

The Chinese zodiac for 2023 is the “Water Rabbit”. “Water” means the end of the Chinese zodiac, but also consists the meaning of a new beginning. “Rabbit” means growth and a leap forward.
We wished for the creation of a company that reflects the meaning of the Chinese zodiac with your continued guidance and support.